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2018 Google AdWords Updates, News and Features Updated

Google AdWords is a promotion system where advertisers bid on certain keywords so that clickable ads appear on Google’s search results. Advertisers must pay for clicks. This is how Google makes money from every search.

After a brief description, let’s focus on the main information of Google AdWords updates for 2018, which is provided in this article. Google has realized that the popularity of AdWords is in the hands of big players that need to be changed in a new way. Here you will find the latest Google AdWords news, features and updates introduced in 2018.

Update #1: «AdWords Reach Planner» tool for YouTube is introduced by Google

A new tool has been introduced by Google known as «Research Planner» for YouTube and other AdWords video advertising platforms. This tool helps predict the rich conversion rate of a specific video campaign on different media platforms supported by Google, such as YouTube. The implementation believes it can reach multiple video campaigns and support planning future campaigns to properly connect with audiences. It also helps in selecting the precise format of budget and marketing objectives. «AdWords Reach Planner» is available in beta, but it is planned to release the full operational account.

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Update #2: Google AdWords is featured with an advanced extended landing page report

Advertisers started discovering new updates with the AdWords interface in 2018. The recent update is introduced with a full reporting metrics view for extended landing page URLs. With the help of landing pages, AdWords traffic conversions are visible. Therefore, it is essential to examine the landing page performance report of each URL. The feature was also available before, but now you can get the Landing Page URLs extension in the report which is identical.

It helps you track how traffic is coming to each website landing page. Information such as «Valid AMP click-through rate» and «Mobile-friendly click-through rate» along with several metrics data such as cost, clicks, and conversion rate are available in the report.

Update #3: Promotion Extension is introduced by Google AdWords

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The promotion extension is one of the latest updates of Google AdWords, which is added under ‘Ads & Extensions tab. This appears with a tag icon when searching for text ads, which helps the ad stand out on the SERPs. This can be beneficial for e-commerce sites. It is used to present specific offers or promotional sales presented by the website. Some of the benefits are:

  • The promotional message in the ad can be offered twice with Promotion Extension.

  • One can use limited characters by using the promotion extension which is helpful.

  • This increases the CTR of the ads.

Update #4: Google AdWords Ad Rotation Setting Runs Infinitely and Optimizes

A recent statement is made by Google that advertisers will now be able to rotate and optimize indefinite ads and try to achieve success. Four options are used by AdWords advertisers:

  • Optimize for conversions

  • Optimize for clicks

  • spin endlessly

  • rotate evenly

Update #5: Google Changes to Shopping Product Listings

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With a new twist, Google offered product listings under the «Buy Now» category. They have also started showing pricing along with product details and shipping option.

Update #6: Bid adjustment feature for interactions is provided by Google AdWords

Recently, Google came up with an update called Bid Adjustment that makes interactions easier. For call extensions, they offered bid adjustments in mobile search ads. In the case of all Site Link Extensions, it should be noted that advertising may be designed with an appearance in mobile search ads. Google provides the best opportunity and guarantees that mobile ads will appear with call extensions. This applies to campaign or calling extension with calling feature only.

Google AdWords helps fix the budget of advertisers by posting ads on ad networks to promote the brand of the company. Therefore, the latest Google AdWords news, features and updates might come in handy for effective promotion.


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