Wait? The Hotel Vernon serves food now!?!? – Change in direction is the talk of the city

“We heard you started selling food here,” a young patron said as he walked into the Vernon Hotel with a friend on April 14. It has only been a week since the historic dive bar began to serve food – something that may not seem newsworthy to an outsider but to Worcesterites, it’s literally the talk of the town. In the wake of local favorites such as Nick’s Bar and Restaurant closing its doors, news that the Vernon has become a gastropub has caused quite a stir, especially when it prides itself on staying the same.

“We’re happy to surprise people,” said owner Bob Largess with a laugh. According to him, the establishment wanted to be different, “the Vernon Hotel is in different waters, and we’ve got a new wind in our sails.” The kitchen, which has not been used in 22 years, has now been resurrected and brought up to code, and is serving Vietnamese fare courtesy of the new chefs. The food itself is not a regular pub food but a fusion mix of fried seafood, a variety of sandwiches, stir fried noodle dishes, Pho soups and other Vietnamese cuisine. “It’s a good opportunity for Worcester to reconnect with the Asian community.” Food as diverse as the clientele, I was told. And as diverse as Worcester, to be honest.

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