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By James Burn

The Racecourse Prices Index (RPI) is a new and occasional series, in which we report from each of Britain and Ireland’s racetracks on the cost of going racing.

Racecourse report: entry, food and pint prices from Goodwood


Date visited: Friday, May 20, 2022

Was it a big day?

Perhaps. Derby dark horse Lysander was running and there was also a Listed dress rehearsal for the Oaks, although neither race is regarded as a huge Epsom pointer.

How much was entry on the gate?

£ 26, although it should be pointed out it will be just £ 12 for the Lennox enclosure when it opens for racing on Saturday.

Other than restaurants / hospitality, what were the food and beverage options?

The March Coffee Shop seemed to be doing a good trade, although early on it was warm-drink weather (some male racegoers even dared to wear socks) and along with the brews it offered sandwiches – toasted and er, not – burrito and noodle bowls , sausage rolls, crisps and cakes.

There was an ice cream stall, which offered what looked like Group 1 gelato and a tobacconist and confectionist, which accepted cash and had a minimum card payment of £ 5, although with a bottle of water costing £ 2.50 a pop and a can of coke at £ 3.50, that wasn’t hard to reach.

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It was not a day for ice cream

It was not a day for ice cream

Racing Post

It would be unfair to call the burger van (Goodwood Organic Food) that given its unique selling point in sourcing meat locally from the estate, so it might do your conscience, if not waistline, some good. British racing has put its faith in the judgment of Shaun Parker – the BHA’s head of stewarding – so perhaps it’s a positive pointer he was in the queue.

What’s the damage?

Bottle of water: £ 2.50
Cheapest pint: St Simon Lager, £ 6, although a half was £ 3.50
Guinness: £ 6.80
Champagne: £ 85 a bottle
Jug of Pimm’s: £ 30, although it’s unlikely that was the order of a gray day; Glorious Goodwood this was not.
Pulled pork baguette: £ 10

All drink prices taken from the main racecourse bar, or where there are multiple bars, one chosen (the 1812 Bar) at random.

What was the baguette like?

The portion was first class, although an extra scoop of pork might have resulted in me letting on I was on investigative duty. I’d loved a pickle or two or some vinegary coleslaw just to break through the barbecue sauce, which was a touch on the rich side.

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Meat is sourced from the Goodwood estate

Meat is sourced from the Goodwood estate

Racing Post

And the queues?

Plenty of staff were on duty and it was the kind of day to keep warm, so there was a good reason for brisk service, which seemed the case, even allowing for the fact indoor areas were understandably busier than those outdoor – clerk of course Ed Arkell looked dressed for his former job at Fontwell jumps venue.

The queuing in the bar I attended was a little chaotic, but that might have had more to do with thirsty racegoers, although perhaps some staff were too thorough; what gin, single or double and what mixer was put to the chap in front of me at least twice before my Guinness, which I was quite decisive about ordering and had enjoyed two with a Classic-winning trainer the day before.

What did the punters say?

“That [a hot dog and chips] was £ 12.50 and it’s all right. Well, it’s not just all right, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s £ 12.50. I suppose everything has gone up though. The experience and service isn’t too bad on a day like this and I didn’t have to queue for it. “
Ron Sloan, Northchapel, Sussex

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