Make your pet’s safety a priority for the Fourth of July. Here’s how.

Brownie the patriotic pup enjoys the Fourth of July (far away from fireworks!) With her humans Cass Walker and Becky Carter.

Even the most patriotic animal shelter worker will tell you they dread the Fourth of July holiday. According to the ASPCA, more pets go missing during Fourth of July than any other time of the year. Fireworks terrify dogs, cats, birds (wild and domestic), horses, wildlife and farm animals, and they will go to extraordinary lengths to escape what they perceive as danger.

The City of Las Cruces’ annual fireworks display is July 4. As of May 2022, personal fireworks in New Mexico on land with flammable vegetation are prohibited because of severe wildfire danger, and hopefully this will reduce the number of lost pets in our area.

Some places in Europe, Canada, and the United Kingdom have switched to low-noise fireworks out of respect for companion animals, wildlife, veterans, and those on the autism spectrum. Even here in the US, some towns in Arizona, California, and Colorado have replaced fireworks with stunning drone displays or reduced-noise pyrotechnics.

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