Keeping our pets safe during the summer

Windows open in your car on a beautiful spring or summer day. Your dog nudges its head out the window, ears flapping, mouth open and obviously enjoying the experience. But is it safe?

And how safe is it to leave a dog untethered in the cargo area of ​​a pickup truck, or left inside a locked car when the car’s owner runs into a nearby store?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “un-caged dogs” that “ride in the beds of pickup trucks are at risk of severe injury.” Each year, the association says, 100,000 dogs are killed by jumping or falling from a pickup truck’s cargo area.

Walking dogs on hot asphalt or sand, over-exercising a dog in hot weather, ticks, and exposure to toxic plants are just some of the concerns that various group raise as the weather warms up, and we naturally look to be outdoors with our pets. .

We’ve looked at several organizations and prepared a small list of things of which pet owners should be aware in spring and summer. Here is what we found:

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