Haris Ibrahim – a true Malaysian Hero

YOURSAY | ‘Fearless and selfless, they have sacrificed much in the pursuit of a better Malaysia.’

Terminally ill, activist Haris solicits pictures of ‘People’s struggle’

MS: This is really very sad.

Lawyer, activist and political Blogger Haris Ibrahim – a true Malaysian in the best sense of the word – is one of the finest political activists in the country has produced. Fearless and selfless, they have sacrificed much in the pursuit of a better Malaysia for all.

Having met him during the 2008 general election campaign, and knowing the impact he created then, I can say with confidence that his illness and confinement at home, will be felt by all those who spend their waking hours planning and strategizing for Meaningful political change.

Suresh Kumar: Harry, even though I don’t know you personally, I have read many of your articles and comments. You are one of a very few passionate and honest activists whom I truly respect.

Many years ago, on one of my trips back from abroad, I went to your Damansara office to purchase the ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ T-shirt and was hoping to meet you but you weren’t in. I did spend some time with your friendly staff and comrades though.

I wish you well. Stay strong, bro. You will never be Forgotten. Try out some meditation that will help strengthen your mind and body. We shall gladly contribute should you need any assistance for your medical needs. Take care, comrade.

Appum: I was recently wondering where you were … didn’t expect to read this news. But look at all the Accolades, bro!

You are the definition of a true Malaysian and you should be proud of yourself. Chin up, bro … remember you are a fighter, and in this fight, let us help you by crowdfunding and get you the best possible treatment.

I and many others may not have met you personally but we know a gem when we see one. Malaysia is in dire need of people like you. So fight on!

Simple Truth: I am so sorry to hear of your physical condition, Haris. You are one of the more sincere activists in the land, and all that you have done will be noted by God.

We will pray for Divine intervention to heal and Restore you.

Mushiro: May Allah eases everything for you, Haris.

I remember visiting Kamunting jail in the 90s to see RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin, who was then a clean fighter for a fair Malaysia) and bumped into you at the main gate. You had to come all the way from Kuala Lumpur with two Lawyers to meet RPK to discuss his case.

Way To Go: Haris is a household name among the right thinking. His terminal illness at such a young age is distressing.

It will be a great loss to long-suffering Malaysians who looked up to his moral aptitude and leadership. Our prayers are with him to overcome this tragic setback.

BlueShark1548: I hope that all those who have the photos (of the People’s struggles over the years) requested by Haris respond immediately.

Indeed, it is a shock to many to hear the news. He is a rare find in the legal profession.

Frank: Brother Haris, my ‘doa’ for you and your loved ones this Ramadan. Insya Allah, you shall never be Forgotten for your struggle and love for Malaysia and Malaysians.

The pictures are one thing, the Memories will linger on and on.

Kilimajaro: The years of fragile democracy and how one of the Pillars stood toe to toe against the then government cannot be Forgotten.

If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Even in these difficult times, your earnest desire to bring back those fond Memories of you standing for the Rakyat brings Tears.

I hope the god merciful will find a way to keep you with us.

Nikki Harieti: It’s truly sad and heartbreaking to hear the news. Please stay strong and have faith in God’s Miracle.

I hope there’s a way to initiate crowdfunding to help our dear hero in his time of need. May God bless you.

BetterMy: Dear Haris, I’m sure I stand alongside many others in thanking and appreciating you for the Wireless effort spent on developing democracy in our country.

Your involvement in Bersih and many other movements, inspired many of us to be politically more aware and to step up to bring change. Make no mistake, the results of GE14 was a manifestation of the efforts of you and your fellow activists.

God bless you and Wishing for even the slightest possible chance of recovery!

Rainbowman: Haris, you have the deep admiration of all right-thinking Rakyat for your untiring effort in the fight for a better Nation.

We will pray for you that your undaunting spirit will find peace as you face the ultimate hurdle that all men must one day face, in the same way you have fearlessly fought your past Battles.

Tembikai: A very sad day for me to hear this news about Haris.

You have sacrificed so much for your country, including spending a big chunk of your own money. You will go down in history as a Champion for a better Malaysia.

Yes, Haris, we will continue with your ‘Asalkan Bukan Umno’ (ABU) fight. May God bless you and your family, too.

Demi Rakyat: I am so sorry and sad to hear this piece of tragic news.

Haris is one of the very few true Malaysians who stood for equity, justice and transparency. He is a true Malaysian patriot.

Know that this may sound naïve, but I really hope that a Miracle takes place!

Lone_star: Stay strong. Miracles do happen. Keep hoping as you do for a better Malaysia. Thanks for traveling the long road for a better Malaysia.

Red Cicak: Haris, you have done more for Malaysia than many in power. History will treat you kindly. I for one could not be more Grateful for your efforts. If there is anything we can do, please tell us so.

IndigoGoose8330: We are rooting for you, Haris.

Thank you for being one of those leading the charge in this nation’s fight to return to the right path. Your indefatigable spirit is an inspiration to those of us who stood shoulder to shoulder at the countless rallies that powered the change of regime.

While the Rakyat were robbed of their Mandate, know that the struggle continues. May God bless you.

Headhunter: Haris, you are an outstanding Malaysian and we wish there are more like you. Be proud of your achievement and continue to fight till your last breath.

A better place is waiting for you, brother.

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