Decrease Your Pet’s Stress During Veterinary Visits

Dr. Cynthia Maro

Dr.  Cynthia Maro

Most veterinarians strongly believe in a stress-free, fear-free approach to patient care. Stress affects pets – and people – negatively, and prevents us from achieving true wellness care for your pet.

Be aware that if your pet has experienced car sickness, prior negative vet experiences, anxiety or aggression at another clinic, or history of aggression with other animals, YOU MUST tell the staff about these issues prior to your vet visits. This will give the staff team the knowledge to arrange the ideal schedule and pre-visit recommendations for calming supplements to reduce stress.

Try these 10 easy steps to help your pet:

1: Drop by the hospital for happy visits, but remember to call ahead to assure the office is calm and give the staff a heads up.

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