Airtight storage set to keep your food fresher five times longer

We tried it: along with a tool that makes slicing and shredding a cinch

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My niece rolled her eyes as she opened my cupboard. Out tumbled well-loved yogurt containers, empty glass peanut butter jars and a pile of the sturdy plastic dishes with lids that my local sushi restaurant serves miso soup in. I learned you can recycle Ziploc bags and so there are a few of those in there, too.

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The uber-organized kid has nothing against recycling but she made a good point when she suggested I do better.

Zwilling’s Fresh & Save Assorted Set ($ 139.99) is all kinds of grown-up – a low-tech, eco-friendly way to store food in something that doesn’t scream ‘I can’t let go of old cottage cheese containers,’ even though they are perfectly fine being recycled instead of collected.

The set includes two containers, (one designed for lunch on-the-go) plastic storage bags and a nifty little vacuum to pull air out of them all, leaving food fresh for up to five times longer than traditional storage options and free of the dreaded freezer burn.

The reusable BPA-free bags are easy to close with zipper attachments and ideal for sous-vide cooking and microwave reheating.

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The handheld vacuum (which barely makes a peep) is low-tech enough that it doesn’t involve complex set-up but needs charging via a USB once every few months. You also don’t have to sign up for an app to use it.

But if that’s your thing, you can download the Culinary World app which will track when you store food and when it will spoil, helping you to reduce food waste and save money. You do that by scanning the bag or the container. You can also find recipes and videos on the app.

The bags can be used to vacuum-seal anything from soups or marinades to diced or whole fruits. My neighbors have all been given various food items I’ve proudly packaged because the novelty of vacuum-sealing food hasn’t worn off just yet.

What we reviewed

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The seven piece assorted medium / large vacuum starter set which includes;

  • One large glass container
  • One medium BPA-free polypropylene plastic lunch box container
  • Two small bags and two medium bags
  • One vacuum pump


  • Easy food shelf life tracking via QR code. The Zwilling Culinary World app calculates estimated longevity of food based on type of food stored and storage location (fridge, freezer or pantry)
  • Cordless, handheld vacuum pump means food stays fresh longer and saves space
  • Microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe and lightweight vacuum plastic containers
  • Re-usable & BPA free vacuum bags
  • Exclusive Fresh & Save technology preserves flavors, assuming you added them in the first place and nutrients

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Why we love it; This delightful food-saving hack is a wonder of German engineering, ideal for those of us who like to spend a weeknight or Sunday doing food prep. Some might call it genius but for us, it speaks to a boring life and disinterest in doing anything culinary during the week that goes beyond heat and serve.

Of course, it also saves money by reducing food waste and means less plastic waste, too.

Those plastic bags are reusable. Keep them as long as the closure is working and they are hole-free. Wash with hot water and dish soap in between uses.

Zwilling lined us up with registered dietitian Nicole Osinga @nicoleosinga who shared some top tips for meal prep. Check out her easy ideas that work perfectly with this food storage system.

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Why does food keep longer in a vacuum?

According to the manufacturers, “vacuum sealing extracts air that surrounds food in a container, thereby markedly reducing the oxygen content of the container and delaying oxidation and aerobic processes. This results in food spoiling more slowly. ”

“Moreover, the minimal amount of air that is still present after vacuum sealing is unable to transport moisture to the surrounding environment, helping to prevent freezer burn and preserve flavors for longer.”

Where to buy:

Zwilling seven-piece starter ($ 139.99) | Amazon six-piece set ($ 122.99) | The Bay seven-piece starter set ($ 149.99)

We also tried the Z-Cut multi-grater. ($ 49.99) Couldn’t initially figured out how to use it, but Youtube solved that.

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Now that I’ve mastered the tool, there’s no turning back. It is a quick and impressive way to slice eggs, olives and works wonderfully if you like garlic but hate chopping it.

How it works: It is “a multi-cutter, vegetable shaver and hand grater all in one.” With four interchangeable blades (fine grate, medium, coarse and the slicer) it can tackle everything from hard cheese to nuts or chocolate. ”

There’s a small pouch (for lack of a better word) on the top of the slicer. You lift its lid off, put small food pieces inside (half an egg, olives, nuts) and then push the lid back on. What you grate, wait for it, collects in the tray portion of the grater which makes kitchen work super easy.

You can use it as a regular grater, too. This neat but wonderfully-designed gadget fits perfectly over the Zwilling lunch box and medium and large containers. It’s dishwasher safe. This way, when you grate your hands are nowhere near any blades. I use this grater to slice eggs and grate chocolate onto pistachio pudding.

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A little about the makers

Zwilling was established in 1731 and began its foray into the culinary world with the production of high-quality kitchen knives. Today, Zwilling Group is home to great kitchen tools and brands from all over the world like Zwilling from Germany, Staub from France, Miyabi from Japan, Ballarini from Italy and Demeyere from Belgium.

When ordering from Zwilling directly: Delivery is free on orders over $ 99 or a flat rate of $ 15 for anything under that amount.

Returns: you have 14 days from the day you receive your goods to cancel. Zwilling offers a two-year warranty on the pump and containers.

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