8 Best Pets In The MCU

What is a hero without their trusty steed or an animal companion? In film and television, it is not abnormal for the protagonist to be accompanied by an animal that they are close to. From Dorothy and Toto in The Wizard of Oz to Ariel and Flounder in The Little Mermaid, sometimes a hero’s closest confidant and biggest ally on their journey is an animal.

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While many superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fly solo, others form bonds with animals throughout their time on screen. Whether it be a beloved family pet, a creature with superpowers, or an animal who becomes the hero’s support system, the MCU has many brilliant animal companions who characters and fans have fallen in love with.

8 Gus Is An Important Goldfish (Moon Knight)

Gus the goldfish was a loyal companion to Steven Grant in Moon Knight. Despite only being a fish, Steven talked to Gus about his problems. Gus also served a larger purpose in the narrative.

When Steven discovers that Gus, who previously only had one fin, miraculously appears with two fins, he starts to question what is happening in his life, who he is, and how his fish could magically grow a fin. While it becomes obvious that Gus has been replaced, Gus II fills the void that Gus left behind.

7 Fenris Went Up Against Thor (Thor: Ragnarok)

Sometimes a villain requires an animal companion, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. Thor’s sister, the goddess of death Hela, was accompanied by a giant Asgardian wolf named Fenris. She resurrected Fenris with the Eternal Flame.

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Although Fenris was arguably more of a servant of Hela’s than a pet, she stood by Hela’s side in battle and gave her life for the second time while fighting against the Hulk. Fenris was a loyal companion to her mistress, despite it putting her in danger.

6 Sparky Met A Sad Fate (WandaVision)

Sparky became the beloved family dog ​​of Vision, Wanda, Billy, and Tommy in WandaVision. Initially reluctant to have a dog, Wanda and Vision gave in after seeing how happy it made their kids. However, the town of Westview had been created by dark magic, which meant that Sparky met a tragic end when he was killed by new resident Agatha Harkness.

Agatha admits this at the end of her song “Agatha All Along.” Wanda used Sparky’s death to teach the boys that not everything lasts forever, a lesson that she may do well listening to herself.

5 Fanny Becomes A Companion To Yelena (Black Widow)

Fanny only makes a brief appearance in the MCU during one of Black Widow‘s post-credits scenes, but she is still of great importance. Yelena wishes for a dog after escaping her life in the Red Room and finding some freedom for the first time.

The name Fanny also becomes a joke within Black Widow, as the dog is effectively named after Natasha’s alias. Fanny accompanies Yelena to Natasha’s grave, showing that even though she has lost her sister, she has someone by her side through the grief.

4 Morris Stole Fans Hearts (Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings)

When a Dijang named Morris was introduced in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, fans were a little confused about the creature. Quickly, audiences realized what an adorable companion and support system Morris was to the eccentric struggling actor Trevor Slattery.

Morris’s species originate from the realm of Ta Lo and communicate through little sounds and quirks, something that seemingly only Trevor understands the complexities of. While no one else can understand Morris, he and Trevor seem to have a true friendship connection, which is one of the most heartwarming parts of The Legend Of The Ten Rings.

3 Ant-Thony Became An Ally To Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Keeping up his image as the comedian of the MCU, Scott Lang gave many of the ants he worked with ant-related puns as names. The most memorable name was Ant-thony, an ant who became his trusty steed.

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Ant-thony was initially used by Pym to spy on Scott but later helped him escape from prison using the Ant-Man suit. When Scott and Ant-thony teamed up again, going up against Darren Cross, Ant-thony was killed with a pistol. Scott promised to take down Cross and get revenge.

2 Goose Is More Than Meets The Eye (Captain Marvel)

When Goose appears in Captain Marvel, she may seem to be a regular ginger cat. However, in a time of crisis, she reveals to Carol Danvers and Nick Fury that she is a Flerken, a dangerous alien that only appears to be a cat.

When the duo needs her help, Goose releases tentacles from her mouth and can swallow the whole Tesseract, protecting it from falling into the wrong hands. Goose proved to be a valuable asset to the team, even if she did blind Fury with her claws.

1 Lucky The Pizza Dog Is Adopted By Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

The beloved one-eyed golden retriever, Lucky The Pizza Dog, was given that name by Kate Bishop due to his love of takeout pizza. He becomes a companion to Kate and Clint in the Disney + series Hawkeye. Kate risks her life to save Lucky from the busy traffic of New York City.

Lucky may seem pretty calm, but he can also be pretty vicious when he needs to. He even took on the Tracksuit Mafia and helped Kate escape from their clutches when dressed as Ronin.

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