7 Best Pets In Open World Games

Video game worlds are generally more exciting than real-life ones. After all, the virtual universe has all sorts of exciting tech, interesting people, and incredible enviroments. The real world is a lot more limiting, but it does have the advantage of containing more pets. Whether they’re dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, hamsters, or any other animal, pets bring plenty of enjoyment to real life.

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Unfortunately, they do not appear too often in video games. Sure, there are plenty of animals, but you’re forced to fight most of them. And many of the others are humanoid ones that talk, which aren’t technically pets. Thankfully, though, some open world games include a few animal companions that can be considered pets, and these are the best examples.


7 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Wolf, Raven, And More)

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla puts you into the shoes of the powerful Viking warrior, Eivor. Even though you’re controlling an excellent combatant, you never have to go on missions alone. There’s always a raven along for the ride, who you can use to get a literal birds-eye-view of your surroundings. Your horse is never far away either, as the animal’s your main mode of transportation on land.

They aren’t the only creatures you can align with, though. There are plenty of potential pets you can acquire during the game, including a large wolf, a fox, and a cat. Some can help on your adventure, but most are just there to look cute, which is a mission they certainly accomplish.

6 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Horse)

Not every horse in video games could really be classed as a pet. After all, many of them are just glorified vehicles that help you get from one place to the next. Thankfully, the steads in Red Dead 2 are more than that.

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You don’t just ride your main horse – you have to look after it by keeping it clean and well-fed. If you do, it’ll increase the bond the horse shares with protagonist Arthur Morgan, which not only improves its stats but serves as further evidence that the animal is more of a pet than just a vehicle.

5 Fallout 3 (Dogmeat)

There have been some great dogs in gaming, and one of the most famous is Dogmeat from Fallout 3. He is a companion that you can recruit early in the action RPG when you find him out in the wasteland facing off against a few enemies.

Unlike several of the humanoid companions, it’s easy to get him on your side as you only have to speak to the dog. And when he is a teammate, he will warn you of nearby enemies, attack anyone you fight, and scavenge for gear. So, he’s a useful pet to have.

In MGS5, Snake owns two different animals – D-Dog and D-Horse. The horse does not feel too much like a pet, as the animal is basically just a tool for you to get around. But the creature is well-trained as he comes to you when whistled, and he can even defecate on command.

As for D-Dog, he very much feels like a pet. When you first find him, he’s just a tiny little pup. If you take him back to base, he will slowly grow older. And once he’s full size, he’s able to head out on missions with you. He can be a useful ally to have due to his ability to spot and mark enemies.

3 Grand Theft Auto 5 (Chop)

Each of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 have their own set of missions – along with several joint ones. In some of Franklin’s early escapades, he joins forces with Lamar and his dog, Chop. After a while, Lamar gives the canine to you (aka Franklin). And the large yet cute rottweiler stays at your place for the rest of the game.

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You can play fetch with the pup and take him on walks or drives around Los Santos. He’ll attack the occasional pedestrian if they have an issue with Franklin, but he’s not generally there for combat. Chop’s purpose is to be an adorable companion.

2 Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

While there have been plenty of cats in games, they aren’t usually house house cats. You often see tigers or lions, but little kitties are a rare sight. Thankfully, Spider-Man: Miles Morales fights against this injustice by including one called Spider-Man. He’s named after Peter Parker’s version of the hero, which can get confusing.

His first appearance in the game comes when Miles saves the feline from cat thieves. After that, he gives the animal back to its owner. Later, though, the cat version of Spider-Man returns with an adorable Spidy mask, and you can carry him around in your backpack with the Bodega Cat costume. At this point, he’s pretty much your pet.

1 Pokemon Series (All Pokemon)

The entire Pokemon franchise revolves around the titular creatures, which can be considered pets. It’s hard to generally describe them as there are so many different types of Pokemon out there. They all come in different sizes, have distinct abilities, and look completely dissimilar to each other. However, what they pretty much all have in common is the ability to fight.

Throughout each of the games, you get given one Pokemon at the start and capture many more on your adventure. You keep them in Poke Balls until it’s time to battle another Pokemon. Then you throw them out, and the conflict commences. If they were dogs and cats, this premise would be barbaric. But it seems that a Pokemon’s purpose is to fight – at least, let’s hope it is.

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